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Jn the Glory of Chrifl. . t 6 i finite Being in f~lf-fil bfiftence·. "'hi eh i~3 r1eceitarf in the firfi: caufe and fpring of a11 things ; Infinite Goodnefs to communicate the effeCt of this Being ,tmto th~t ,which was not, afid Infinire Wifdom and Power in th~t commtmication, are glorioufly m~nifefted ther~'in, . . I ' 4· IN this ftate, all thin'gs tha.t were made, dei ' p·ended immediately on God himfdf, withoiit tb~ in re·rpdfition of any other Head of Influence ot Rule. They bad the continu,ance of their Eeing and its Ptefervarion, from the immediate actings of tbefe ptoperrjes qf .the Divine Namre whereby they were made ; And their dependance o~ (Jod was by ~ertue Qf that La\v, \\'bich was:, i,rpp~anred on. tbe Prin'ciples and Powers of their feveral Natures bv God himfelf. ~. Tt;us in the , beginni~g God cr-eated the heave-hi .tr:nrl the earth. He provided hirnftlf of tu;o diftinCf,Ratic1MlFamilies, that fhot11d depend on hint ,accoi·ding to a Law of M9ral Obedience, and thereby give Glory to him ; .with two difrinCt· H~bitations for them cognate ~mto {heir Nan1re' n:n.d Ufe ; ,Heaven above, and the Earth beriearh. The Eatrh he appointed for the Habitation of ¥ .an, whiehwas_ ~yeryway filired unto the con.: .ftiw:rion of his Nature, the prelervatiol1 of hisl3eiqg, ,a·nd the end of h'is Creario11 in giving Gio·- ry to God. H~aven he prepared for rhe habiratiQn of ;the Aqgels, which was tiii~ed ·unto·. the' . e~,~fl}J.t\.tion .ot'~~~~f ~?~Fure,. ~~e J?IeFer~ati~n. of , .tpe;t ~ :~e1p:g~a\\d rh~ ~n~ <?f ~~~-1r~ <;:rea t.lPfl m g1 vtrtg .. ~lP~¥ ~~P,od .. V)'her,~,(9fe~s -¥fi_nt-4,.~9 ~R.w~r . ar~d Dorntmon over all thmgs fiere below, and w .:t-. lO ufe. ~hcr;m aU untoth€ Glory of God, by w~ich M mean:>