Owen - BT200 O97 1684

162 Af.editations and Difi means God received Glory from them a11o, tha i 1 them'elves bruit and inan!m:lte; fo the An~P:_els h ~ d rh ~ like Domi !1ion over .the Cceleft'ial atid ./E.tberi.1l Bodies, \Vherewith God had fitted the piace of their Habitation· , that tr1rough the Contemplation and Ufe of them, God might have a revenue of Glory and Prai!e from ·then'l a1fo. To fitpp0fe any other tace of InttlleHual creature )· , befides Angels in H~aven , and Men on EJnh, is not only 'i.Vithout all countenance fi;orn any Divine Tefrimony, bur it difiurbs and di1orc'ers the whole Reprelentation of the Glory of God made ·umo t1s i:1 tlre Scripture, and the \Vhofe deflgn of brs \Vifdonr m1d Grace as declared therein. IntelleElua[ Creatures nor cornprehended in that Gover'nn1ent of God, and Myftery oflfiis \Vildom in - Chrifl: which the Scripture reveals, are a Chimera framed ii1 the Imaginations of ffm1e· men~ fcarce duly fenfible of what it is to Le nJije unto Sobriety. 6~ THIS order · of things was beauti{ut and comely~ Hence were they all fa id to be exceeding goer!. For each of thefe Fatnilies had their ·own rmmedtate, rliftinEf · dependance on God. He · was the immediateHead of them• There was no other common head inrerpofed'betweerr God' and · . them. They were not a·n head unto orle anothe:r. There were no Communications unto them, but what were immediate from God himfelf. And the:r Uniol1 among themfelves was in this a- · Ion~ , that all their obedience· did meet andcenter iri God. So God made the Heavens antl the· Earth and two-diftinct families irt them foi" him- !€lt: 1· TH'S·