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oh il:e Gloryr,f Cl:tifl. r6~ ·7. THIS beautiful order iu it telf, tl'iis UniO'rl' b~t'ween the tWo Families ofGod·, wa·s difhirbed~· broken , di'Holved by the entrance of fin: Foti her~by parr of the Family above , a·nd the whule: f<fmily below, fell otf from their' depen4ance ort God, and ceaflng to center in hi'm as their Head ,· they fell into variance attd ezimity among· rll.em:, felves. For the center of this Uzfon' and Ordet being removed andloft, nothing but' enrniry and confufion remained among them'. Yle'reon· rd fuew' that its Goodnefs was loft, God curfed the · ea rth and all that was in it ; for it \Va~pnt in fub~ jetl::ion unto ~an, who was now fa!lert from him:_ Howbeit he curfed not the heavens which were irtSubjection unro· the Angels , becaufe !ome of them only left their Habiratim'l ; and th:e h·ahita:• tion of the refldue Was llOt to be CUrfed for the'i,r fakes. But mankind was wholiy gon~offftom Go~ , 8. THE Angels that finned, God utterly ie~ jetl::ed for ever as an exan1p1eof his ftvet ity; rl'J-e.: whole race of mankind he .wou'ld nO't fftrerly ca!t off, but determined ro rc\:ovrr m1ti !ave a I:emnant according to the Elel livn of Grace; which how he did ir in a· \Vay of <,;ondece:icy un· , to all his Di\yine Perfections, 1 ha·\ e elfhvherede· dared. 9· HO\VBEIT be \.Vould not reftote them inro their former ftate fa as to have again n~jo diftinct. families each in an i:TII!lt"didt.e aependance on' himfelf, rho he left them in difE·rem and di~ , 1tinct habitations, Eph. 3· Is·· Bur he would gather them both inr'o one, and that under a new' head, in whom the one part fhould be preferved' from· !inning) and- the ot:her delivered-fi·om fin o~mmit:ed. ... ~t 2. 1 o. '1 HlS'