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t 64 Meditations dnd Difcomfer . '-·~ 1 ~. THIS then is that which the Apoftle de.. dares in thefe words, To g'ttther together ir; one all t i~ ings Jvhi cb.are in heaven, and ·ivhich are i't! earth; eve-n in hmr. . And fo he again expreffeth it, Col. L 1.0. To reconcile all things unto him{elf i·n him, 'JJ-'hether ·thcy are things in heaven, or things in earth, all things 1vere fallen into diforder and confufion py fin ; they were fallen off from God into vari- ,ance among themfelves. . God would not reftore them into their fir it order in an i~mediate dependance on his Divine Perfections. He would no longer keep them in two diftinlt Families ; but he would· in . his infinite Wifdom and Goodnefs ga.~l}er them .up into . one coJlmon head, on whom Lhey !hould have their immediate depenJ dance, and be reconciled again amqng them· ·felves. I I. THIS Ne1-v Head, wherein God hath gathered up all things in Heaven and Earth into one; one ~ody, one fami1y, on whom is all their dependance1 in wbom they all now confifr, is 'jej us Chrift the Son of God incarnate, fee I Cor; I I. ·3· Eph. I. 21, 22, 23. This Glory was referved {or him ; none other could be meet for it, or worthy of it, fee Col. r. 17, I 8, I 9, 20. l 2. TO anfwer all rhe ends of rhis New HeaJ of G6ds recolleHedf amily ,.all Power in heaven and earth, all fulne{s of grace and glory, is committed unro him. There is no communication from God, no actofRnletowards this family; no fupply of Vertne, Power, Grace or Goodnefs unto . Angels or Men, but what i$ immediately .fi·om this .Ne'.IV Head whereinro they are gathered. In him they aU 'o!Jiift, on him do they depend, UntO