Owen - BT200 O97 1684

0 died and '];_,·ere 7'aifed qgain from the dear!, unto any conli1mance amo1tg men, as Lazarus, probably kne?v nothinJ!, of the Invijible State. Their ScJUls were preferv_ed ~~· thq Po?Per of God in their Beiz.zg, but bound up as unto pre{e11t Operations. This made a grea_t Emperor cry out en the app_roach' of Death; 0 amrnula, tremula, vagula, IJlandula; qu:r nunc abibis in loca horrida, fqualida, &·c. 0 poor tremling wandring Soul, into what places of darknefs and defilement art thou going!: I-IOW is it like to be after the few mvm~nts, which unrler the pangs of Death we have to continue in this l¥orld? Is it rm Annihilation that lies at the do{)r; i1 Death the DeflruCfion of our ·mhole Being, fo as that ~fter it · we - ~Jail be no more ? So fame 'Jvould hz:tve the ftate of things to be. Is it a .ftate of fobfi.ftence in a 2vanrlring condition, up and do'Jvn the World, under the Influence of other more powerful Spirits that rule in the (f-ir, vijiting Tombs and Solitary places, and (ometimes making appearances of themfdves by the Imprej]ions of thofe more pcwerful Spirits, as .fome imagine from the .ftory fOnceming Samuel and the \Vitch of Endor, and as it is com7J7only received in the Papacy, cut of a compliance with their !magi· natiort of Purgatory? Or is it a ftate of .uniroerfal mifery and wo? a ftate incapable of ccmfort or joy? Let them pretwd what they pleafe, who can underflan~} no comfort or .foy irJ this Life, but what the] recez-ve by their Sences, they can look for nothing el[e. .And whatever be the _{late of this Inroijible W£rld, the Soul can undertake nothing: of its own ~onducl after its departure from the Body~ It kno?vs · that