Owen - BT200 O97 1684

4 1.\1cditathms a11d Difi'~;' 1trfis ALL unbelievers do in their Heart call Chrift Ichabod; T11here iJ the Glory ? They fee neither forme nor cameline{s in him, that he fhould be defi:. red. They look on him as it1ichal Saul's Daughter did on Da·vid dr:mcinJ.; before the Ark, when·lbe defpif'ed him in her Heart. They do not indeed ( many of them ) call Ye.{tts Anathema, but cry, Hail Jvlt-rfler, and tben ( rucify bim. HENCE have we fo many Curfed Opinions advanced in derogation unto his Glory, fame of them really defirnctive of all that is truly fo; yea · denying the onely Lore! that bought us, and fubfiituting a falfe Chril1 in his room. And others there are who exprefs their ilight thoughts of him and his glory, by ·bold irreverent .enquiries, of what u{e his perfim is in our Religion ; as. though there were any thi_ng in our Religion, that bath either Reality, Subfiance, or Truth , but by vertne of its Relation thereunto. And by the~r Anfivers, they bring their own Enquiries yet nearer unto the borders of Blafpbemy. · ' NEVER was there an Ageiince the name of Chriftians was known upon the Earth, wherein there was fl1ch a direct Oppofirion ma'de . ~!1ro the Perj1in and Glory o{t:hrUl,as there is in that wherein we live. There were indeed in the firfi: Times of the Church, !warms of proud, doting,brainfick perfons, who vented many foolifh imaginations about him, which iOl.1ed a~ length in Ar·ianifm, ;in who(e Ruines they were buried. The Gates ~of Hell in them, prevailed not againft the Rock on which the Church is built. But as it was faid of Cte{ar, Soltt<l accejjit {cbrius, acl perdenrlam Rempublicam ; He alon~ went foberly aboltt the Dejlr.JCfton qf t6e