Owen - BT200 O97 1684

on the Glo1:J of Chrift. tbe Commomvealth; So we now have great Nu m... bers who oppofe the Per!on and Glory of Chrift, under a · p1:etelice of Sobriety of Reafo·n, as they vainly' plead. Yea, the disbelief of the Myfieries .of the Trinity, and the Incarnation of the Son of'Gorl, the foie Foundation of Chrifiian Religio·n, is fo .<.Hfufed in the World, as that it hath almoft devoured the power and vitals of it. And nor a few, who dare not yet exprefS their minds, do give broad intimations of tbeir intentions a11d grod wiJI towards him, in making them the Obj~Cl of ,their fcorn and reproach, who de fire to know nothing but him, and him Crucified. GOD in his appointed rime will effectually Vindicate his Honour and Glory, fi·om the vain ·attempts of men of corrupt minds againft them. JN the me;an time, ir is the Duty of a!J rhpfe who love the Lord 'refits in finceri ty, to give Tefrimony in a peculiar manner unto his Divine Perfan .and Glory, according unto their fevera! Capacities, becaufe of the Oppofirion that is made againfi them. 1 H A V E thought my felf on many accounts obliged to caft my Mite into thi$ Treafury. And l have chofen fo to do, not in a ,way of contrcverjie (which formerly I have engaged in) , bur fo, as · together with the vindication of the Trmh. to promote the ftrengthning of the Faith of true Believers, their Edification in the Knowledge of it; and to exprefs the E~perience which they have, or may have of the Power and Reality of thefe things, TI::IAT which at prefem l defign to Demonfhate is, That the Beholding of the Glo~r of Chr~!J, is one of tht greateft Privi(erlges and 4dvanccmtn·; B 3 thfl.t