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6 Meditations and _DifcmJrfe.r thai Believers tire capable of in-this JJ!orld, or that iwhich is to come. It is that wliereby they are firft gradually conformed unto it, and tbenfixed-.in the Eternal enfo_rment of it. Fot here in this life, beholding his Glory,they are chan.e;ed or transformed into thelikenefs of it, 2Cor. 3· 18. and hereafter,they, {hall be for e'Ver like umo him, becat1fe they Jhall fee him as he is, 1 joh. ~· I, 2. Hereon do our prefent Comforts, and future Bleifednefs depend. This is the Life and Reward of oar Souls. He that bath [em him,hath feen the Ftlther alfo; Job. I 4· g: Fbr we difcern the Li._~ht of the Kno'u;/edge of ' Go_d, onelyin the Face of'jejit:S Chrift, 2Cor. 4· 6. .THERE are therefore, two ways or degrees of ~eholding the Glory of Chrijf, which are conftantly diftingi1i£hed in the Scriptni·e. The one is by Fa ith in this World, which is the Evidence of t:hinEs not {een. The other is by Sight,. or im-:- i11td iate vifion in Eternity, '2. Cor. 5'· 7· Wnvalk h.r f'•z ~h and not ~y fight. vVe do fo whilft we are in this Vlorld, whilej we are prefent in the Body~ find abfent from the . Lord, ver. 8. But we £hall live and walk by Sight hereaftei•. And it is the Lord Chrift and ·his Glory, which.are the imme- . diate objeCt both ·of this Faith and Sight. For we l1ere behold him ·da rkly in aGlafs, (that is by Faith) but 'JVe Jhall fee hirn face to face ; ( by immediate ,·iflon.) No'JV ?ve kno'Jv hirn in part: but then we {halt hJow him aJ ?.J.Je are kno'Jl)n, I Cor. I 3· 1 '2.. What is the difference betweer1 tbefe tWo ways of beholding t.?e G!cry o(Chrifl, {hall be afterward~ de!=lared. • J T is th~ f}rft ·way ,namely by Vifion in rhe Light ~r Glory, tpat i~ princ~papy inclu~ed i.n ~bat pray- ~i· of otH' Blefkd Satnour; that h1s D1fciples may !, ' ' : - '. i . ' ' ; - ~: ~ . . "' . . bt