Owen - BT200 O97 1684

on the Glory of Ch1·ijl. 7 be where he is,to b~ho!d his Glory. But, I fball not confine my enquiry thereunto ; nor doth our Lord Jefus exclude from his defire, that Sight of his Glory which we have by faith in this World ; but prays for the PerfeCtion of it in Heaven. It is therefore the firff way, that in the firft place I fuall infift upon , and that for the Reafons enfuing. . . 1. N 0 man Ihall ever bebold the Glory of Chrift by Sight hereafter, who doth not in fame meafi.1re behold it by Faith here in this \N orld. Grace is a neceffary preparation for Glory, and Faith for SiY,ht. Where the Subject, the Soul, is not previoufly feafoned with Grace and Faith, it is not capable of Glory, or Vijion. Nay, perfons not difpofed hereby unto it, cannot defire it, what ever they pretend ; they onely deceive their own Souls, in fuppofing that fo they do. Moft men will fay with confidence, living and dying, that they ttjire .to be with Chrift, antl to behold his Glory ; But they can give no Reafon, why they Ihould defire any fuch thing ; onely they think it fomewhat that is better than to be in that evil condition which otherwife they muft be caft into tor ever, when they can be here no more. If a man pretend himfelf to be eqamoured on, or,greatly to defire what he never faw, nor was ever reprefemed unto him. he cloth but dote on his own Imaginations. And the pretended defires of many, to behold the Glory of Chrifl in Heaven, who have no view of it by Faith whilft they a.t:e here in this \rVorld, are nothing but felf-deceiving imaginations. S 0 do the Papifts delude themfelves. Their Carnal Affections are excited by their outward · B 4 Senfes,