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on the Glory of Cl.wifl. 15 fo to Eternity ; as alfo incomprehenjible unto our Minds. For nothing can perfectly comprehend that which is Infinite, but what is it felf .Infinite. Wherefore the Blefred and Blejfing Sight which we fhall have of God, will be always in the face of Jefou Chrift. Therein will that manifeftation of the Glory of God in his Infinite Perfections, and a11 their bleffed Operations, fo fhine into our Souls, as fhall immediately fill us with Peace, Reft, and Glory. THESE things we here admire, but cannot comprehend. We know not well what we fay; when we fpeak of them : yet is there in T rue Believers a fore-fight, and fore-tafte of this Glorious Condition. · There eritet s fometimes by the Word and Spirit into their Hearts fuch a fenfe of tbe uncreated Glory of God, fhining for th in Chrift , as Affects and Satiates their Souls with ineffable Joy. Hence arifeth that Peace of God-whi~h is . above all underfhmding, keeping our Hearts and Minds through Jdils Chrift. Phi!. 4 · 7· Chrift i1$ Believers the Hope of Glory, gives them to tafte of the firfr-fruits of it; yea,fometimes to ·bathe their Souls in the (ount.1in of Life, and to drink {)(' the Rivers of pleafure that are at his Right hand. Where any are utterly unacquainted with thefe things, they are Carnal, yea Bli11d,and fee nothing afar off. Thefe Enjoyments indeed are rare, and for the .moa part of lhort continuance. Rartrhora, brevis mora. But it is fi·om •our own fioth and darknefs that we do not enjoy more vijits of this Grace; and that the dawnings of Glory do nqt more lhine on our Souls. Such things as tbefe may excite us to Diligence in the Duty propofed unto us. AND