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16 Meditations and Difcoutfes AND I fua11 enq,uire, i. T~hat is that Glory of . Chrift, which we do, or may beh.old by Faith? 2. How we do behold it. 3. U'berein our doing fo @iffers from immediate Vifion in Heaven. And in the whole we fuall endeavour an Anfwer un- . to the Enquiry .made un_to the Spouf~, by the Daughters of yerufalem. . Cant. ;. 9· What is thy Beloved more than another Beloved, thou faireft armng 'Jvomer.t ? !~hat is thy Beloved more than another Beloved, that thou doft fo charge t-~S ? . CHAP. II: The Glory of the Perfon of Chriji, as the onely Reprefentative ·of .God unto the Church. ,. T HE Glo~r of Chriff, is the Glory of the PerfanafChrift. So he calls it 7f.w' J'6~ttv 'TfW itAnv Joh. ~ 7· 2 8.' That glory which is mine, which be4 .longetl1 to me, unto my Petfon. THE · Perfon .of Chrift may be confidered two ways. r. Ab(olutely in it fel( 2. In the Sufception -aqd Dj(charge of his Office, with what enfiled thereon His Glorv on thefe ·diftintl:ac· counts,' is qiftintt ~nd diffe1:ent; but all equally his o1vn.) .. How in. both refpetl:s .we may behold it by F<;lith is that which we ~nquire into. THE fir{}: thi.ng wherein we may behold the Glory .Qf the f erjim of ChriFf, .God and .Man, · , whi~Q.