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on tk.e Glory oJ Chrifl. I 7 which was given him of his Father, confifls in the Reprefentation of the Nature of God, and of the Divine Perfon of the Father, unto the Church irl him ; For we beholcl the glory of God in the fac e of ' Jefus Chrift, 2 Cor. 4· 6. Otherwife we know it not, we fee it not, we fee nothing of it : that is in the Way of feeing and knowing God, , dec · af~d in the Scripture, as our Duty and BleffedrietS. The Glory of God corn prebends both the h oiy Properties of his Nature , and the Counfels ofhis will; and the Light of the knowledg of thefe things, tve have only in the Face or Perfon of Jefhs Chnft. Whatever obfcure imperfeCt Notions we may have of them otherways, we cannot have ~a;; "ll(ftJ.av 7n~ ,,~11er.~~ 'TH~ J6gu; 'J·t est the Lig t f the Illuminating, irradiating Knowledg o1 the Glory of God, which may enlighten otlr mi, d: and fanctifie our hearts, but only UJ 'N'po(f«i¥"41 ; ... the face or perfon of JefuJ Chrif!; for he i · the Imaf!.e of God, 2 . Cor. 4· 4· The Brightne s of t 1e Fathers Glory, and the exp_refs image of hi; pn ft nt He b. I. 2. The imaY,e of the iwviftble Go.l, Co.. • I 6. I do here only .. mention th~fe t ing~ ~ becanfe 1 have handled them at latge in my Drfcourfe of the Myftery of Godlinefs, or the P rf n of Chrift ; whereun.ro I refer the Readers for th ir full Declaration and Vindication. Herein is 1 e glorious, in that he is the great Reprej'enttl. i.-ue o the Nature of God; and his will unro tts, wh ich without him would ha\'e been et~rnal r hid from us, or been invifible unto us; we fhould never have feen God at any time, here nor her · af~ tf r, Job; z. l8. . · lN