Owen - BT200 O97 1684

18 Meditations and .Difcourfe.r IN his Divine Perfon abfolutely confidered , he is the Effential Image , of God, even the Father : He is in the Father, and the Father in him, in the Unity of the fame Divine Etfence, 1ohn I 4· I o. Now he is with the Father, 7ohn I. 1. Irt the diftinction of his perfon, fo is he his E[emia-llmage, Col. r. I 5· Heb. 1. 2. In his Incari1ation he becomes the Reprefentative image of God unto the Church, 2 Cor. 4· 6. without whom our underftandings can make no fuch approach unto the Divine Excellencys, but that God continues to be unto us , what be is .in himfelf, the Invijible God. In the Face of Jeftls Cbrifl:, we fee his Glory. THIS is the orzginal Glory of Chrift given him by his Father, and which byFaith we may behold: He & he alone dedares,reprefents and makes· knowrt unto Angel? and Men, the Ejji:ntial Glory of the Invifible God, his Attributes and his . vVill, without which · a perpetual, comparative Darknefs wo'uld have been on the whole Creation, efpecially that part of it here below. THIS is the Foundation of out· Religion, the Rock 1vhereon the Church is built, the Ground of all our Hop~s of Salvation,of Life andlmmortality: i\11 is refolved into this ; namely, the Reprefentation that is made of the Nature and Will of God, . in the Perfon and Office of Chrift : If this fail us, we are loft for ever ; if this Rock ftand firm, the Church is fafe here,and !hall be triumphant hereafter. HEREIN then is the Lord Chrift exceedingly glorious.Th0fe who cannot behold this Glvry of his by Faith, namely, as he is the great Divine 0Fdinance to reprejf.nt Gori !lntO us, they k~ow him not