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~?. Meditations and D~fcof!:rfes ~· I T _is fo, tha~ the light of fajth i~ given qntQ ps priqcipally to enable us tQ behold -the glory · ~f (Jcd ~~ c'hriff ; to comernplat~ on it, as1 tintp all ):he ends of jrs rnanj •e~ation. So i's it exprefly affirrned, Q.. Cqr. 4 6. Jf .we hav'e not this Light; as Jt is ~o111rnuriic ;,'iteq by the power <?f God unto rherri ~hat qo l;>~lieve' Ephe(. I. I 7' 1 s~ 19 ; we )1}L1fl: be frrangers mito the w~ole my,frery of the ppfpe~, _'2. Cm·:4· 3,~. '. · · · · · · · · . . · 3. Tf:IAT It) the be~oldtrzg of the glm7 o{God 1n r prifl, ~eb~hoJd his gl~ryalfo.for herein is he i'n- 'finit~lv gloriotis apove·the whole Creation,in tha.t jn q.nd by qit}1 alon~ the glory of the irlVifible God )s repreferited unto us. i-krein do our fonls live. Tpis is tgatwhereby\h~ Irnag~ of God is renewe\1 ~n\Is, and We are rriade lik~ UlltO ti1e firft-born. , . ' 4· Tf-IIS · ;~fa far from being tinne~effary· upt9 Fhriftian prizEHce, and ihe fa~Clifed duties of Mer,a!ttr, that h~ knows I?Ot Chnft, he knows not the CofpeL lH~ knows not the Faith of the Catholic~ 'chn!ch) who imagines tha~ they can ·be perfo~;m · '~d a~ceptably wirho~t it. Y"ea, this · is the root ':Lvhefic~ all other Chri(Han duties <io 'fpring , and whereon they grow,whereby they are diltinguilh· ~d from the works qf Heathens. He is no·Chrillian who believes not that faith in the Perfon of Chrift is 'the fpring of all Evangelical obedience ; pr who know.s not that 'this faith refpe{ts the re · yelation of the glory of God in him. ' · . , ' ' 1 F ~hefe things are fo, as they are the moft im· por~ant Truths of the Golpe1, arid whofe denial overthrows the Foundation of Faith, and is rpin- ~us 'to Chriftian Religion, Certainly it is our duty ~o l ~ve in the "conftant 'exen;;ife of Faith with' re- . c ; - · · ' ·· ·fipect G