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on the Glary of Chrift. 31 fpeCl: unto this glory of Chrift. And we haYe filt: ficient experience of what kind of Morality the Ignorance of it hath produced. \ "\ OTHERS there are who may be fotll'e-)way S rangers, but are no way Enemies unt.d this Myftery, and to the practical Exercife {)f Faith therein : Unto filch I fha11 tender the enfiling Directions. 'l. ' 1. RECKON in your minds, that this behohling of the Glory of Chrift by beholding the Glory of God, and all his Holy Pro rries in him, is the greatefi: PYiviledg where in this life we can be made Partakers. The awning of Heaven is in it, and the firft fruits of Glory ; for this is Life Eternal to know the Father, and whom he bat h fent Chrift Jefus, ~fohn I 7· 3· Unlefs you value it, unlefs you efteem it as filch a Privilulg, you will not enjoy it ; and . that which is not valued ac- · cording unto its worth, is defpifed. It is note - nough to think it a Priviletlg, an Arf.vantaf!e; bnt it is to be valued above other things according unto its Greatne{s and Excellency. DefhuHion and . Death fay, lVe have heard the fame ofit ?1./itb our e1rs, Job. 28. 22. And if we do no more, we £hall die ftrangers unto it : We are to cry after this Knowledg, and lift up our voice for- this Unrlajlanrling, if we defign to attain it. , 2. AS it is a great Priviledg which requires a due valuation ; fo it is a great Myflery which requires much Spiritual Wifdom to the right under· ftandmg of it, and to direct in its Practtfe, I Cor. 2. 4, 5. Flefh and Blood will not reveal it unto us, but we muft be tailght of God, to apprehend D 4 it,