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·· 4Q lvfediitJtlonJ and I!Jijcourfu h, .J9Pn .x. I 2, I 3. Mat. 16. · I 6, 17. Men: UJJ~ fanU:ified Reafon will never en~bk us unto, nor guidt:! t1s jn the di(covery of this· Duty. Men ·ar~ i1ot fo y?i'n as to ~hope for skill and underfi:imding in th~ Myftery of a fecular Art or Trade, with- -out the 'diligent ufe of thofe means whereby' ir nny be attairi,ed; and fl1all we fuppofe that we i·nay be fnrnilhed with fpiritual Skill and \\ ifdom in this. Sacr~d My fiery, without diligence in th~ 'ijfe of the means appointed of God for the atrain- ·jng..ont? The Principa~ of ~hem is Fervent Fray~ "' er. Pray thel} with Jldofes, tlhit God would _fhe'v yo~ this his Glory _; pray with the Apoftle, that the :qes of your undirft.anclings may be enlighten,ed to bepe/d it ; ·pray that t.~e God o,f our Lord ']~(us C,hrift the J?ath~r of Glo~y; may give unto you the {pirit of wifdom. and re·velation in the krowledg of him. fill ·your: inif]~S with fpirirual Thoughts an,? Comri- 'vatices·about them. Slothful and lazy Souls never ·obtainoi1e view of this Glory;the Lion in th.e ?vay'deiers th~m froni attempting it. Being carpal they abhor all Diligence in the ufe of fpiritual ft1e~ns, fu·ch ~s Prayer and Meqitation on things unto them uneafy, unpleafing and difficult. Untb others the way p~rtakes of the Nature of the ~tiq ; the means of obtaining a View of the Glo~ ry 'of Chrift .are of the fame kind,. of the fame J?leafan~nefs; with that view it !elf in their propor- ~tiort · '· ·: · ·· · · ' · '· ~ ~· ~~-~~N theufe hereof fro~ th~ a&ings of contrary vmous ·H,zbtts. Vvhen the mmds ofmen are vepe~e~ly fixed on the purfuit of th~ir Lufts, they 'Will 'be continua:llyrumin~uing on the objects ·or them,' ~nd have a thoufand ·contrivances about L f. · , j, iJ ~, ·, .: '· ~ ·; ·· · > · them,