Owen - BT200 O97 1684

on tbe Glory qf Chrifl. 47 .this Glory, is the Glory of our Religion, the Glory of the Church , the fole Rock whereon it is built, the only Spring of prefent Grace, and Future Glqry. THIS is that Glory which the Angels themfelves defire to behold, the Myfiery whereof they bow down to look into, I Pet. I. 1 2. So was their defire \ reprefented by the Cherubims in.the moft holy place of the Tabernacle ; for they · were a lhadow of the Minlftry of Angels in the Church. The Ark and Mercy-Seat were a Type ofChrift in the difcharge of his Office ; and thefe Chentbims were made ftanding over them, as being in Heaven above ; but earneftly looking down upon them in a pofture of Reverence and Adoration. So they did of Old , and in their prefent contemplation of it confifts no fmall part of their Eternal Bleffednefs. HEREON depends the Ruin of Satan and his 1 Kingdom.His Sin,fo far as we can conceive,confifted of Two Parts ( I. ) His Pride againft the perfon of the Son of God, by whom he was created. .For by him .were all things created that are (or were when firft created) in Hea<T.·m, w hether they be Thrones or Dominions, or PrirJcipalities or Pow&rs t Col. 1. 16. Againft him he lifted up himfelf,which was the Beginning of his Tranfgreffion. ( 2. ) Envy againft m;;tnkind made in the Image ofGod, of the Son of God the firft born. This cornpleated hj~ fin ; nothing was now left whereon to act his Pride and Malice. Unto his Eternal Confufion and Ruin God in Infinite 'N ifdom unites both the Natures he had finned againft, in the one Perfon of tht: Son, who was the firft Object of his pride and