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011 the Glory of Chri/l. ~7 ·but all unto whom it is teftified in · the Scri.: prure , are obliged to look after , and con· template on the Glory of Chrift, as thus revealed and propofed. From the Throne of his Excellency by audible Voic~s, by vifible Signs, by the opening of the Heavens above, by the defcent of the Holy Spirit upon him, God teftified unto hifl1 as his Eternal SoJ:?, and gave him therein honm1rand glory. The Thoughts of this Divine :T,eftimony, and the Glory of Chrift therein,hata often filled the Hearts of fome with Joy and Delight. · THIS therefore in reading and ftudying the holy Scripture, we Qught with all diligence to fearch. and attend unto, as did the Prophets ofold, 1 Pet. ·x I, I 2 ; if we intend by them to be made wlfe unto Salvation. WE fhould herein be as the Merchant-Man that feeks for pearls; he feeks for all forts of them, ,bnt when he bath found one of Great Price, he parrs with all to make it his own, Mat. I 3· 4), 46. The Scripture is the Field, the Place, the Mine ,where we fearch and dig for Pearls; fee· Prov. 2. I, 2, 3, 4, ;. · Every facred Truth that is made effeCtual unto the good of our fouls, is a Pearl whereby we are enriched ; but whe1,1 we meet ,with, when we f~ll upon this Pearl of ·price, the Glory of Chriil: ; this is that which the foul of a believer cleaves unto with joy. . THEN do we find food for our fouls in the word of Truth, then do we raft how gracious the Lord is therein, then is the Scripture full ofrefrelhment :Unto us, as a fpring of Living Water, when we a!e taken into bleffed views of the Gl.ory of Chrift there:.