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17á r4 96 Forgiveüef as it relates Pfal. B3 ó. have no foundation of their confidence ; but if this name of God be indeed made known unto us by the Holy Ghoft, what can hinder why we fhould not repair unto him, and reti upon him. So lfa. 50, ro. Who is among you, shat feareth the Lord, that obejeth the voice of his Servant, that walketh in dark- nefs, andbath no light, let him truf in the name of the Lord, and flay upon bis God. Not only (inners, but fanners in great di- fit-4? are here fpoken unto. Darltneßof (fate or condition, in the Scripture denotes every thing of difconfnlation and trou- ble. To be then in darkneß, where yet there is fome light, forme relief, thoughdarknefs be predominant is fad and difcon- folate ; but now not only to be, but alto to walk, that is to continue a courte in dárkneß, and that with no light, no dif- covery ofhelp or relief; this Teems an overwhelming condi- tion ; yet tanners id this eflateare called to truf in the name ofthe Lord. I have (hewed before, that nothingbut forgiveneß, or that which influenceth it, and encourageth to an Expedati- on of it, is of any ufe unto a fanner, much more one in fo great difirefs upon the account of fn: yet is fuch an one hire lent only to the NAME of the Lord, wherein his gracious heart and nature is revealed ; That then is the very Fountain ancfSpringof forgiveneß. And this is that which John would work a fence of upon our fouls, where he tells us, that God if Love, r Ep. Chap. 4.. 8. or one , of an infinitely Gracious, Tender, Good, Companionate , Loving Nature. Infinite Goodnefs'and Grace is the f)yl wherein forgivenefl grows. It is impoffible this flower fhould fpring from any other root. Unlefs this be revealed to the foul, forgivenefs is not revealed. Toconfider pardon meerly as it is terminatedon our felves, not as it flows from God; will bring, neither profit tous, nor Glory to God. Aud this alfo ( which is ourdefign in hand) will make it appear, That this difcovery of forgivene(s whereof we fp :ak, is indeed no common thing, is a great difcovery. Let men come with a fenf of the guilt of fin , to have deep and ferious thoughts ofGod, they will find it no fuch eafie and light mat- ter, to have their hearts truly and throughly apprehenfive of this loving andgracious nature of God, in referénce untopardon. It .a