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Ver.4. to the Nature ofGod. 97 It is an eafìe matter to ray fo in common , but the foul will not find it fo eate to believe it for it fell. What hath been fpoken before concerning the ingrafted notions that are in the minds of men about the Ju(}ice, Holinefs and feverity of God, will here take pl_ce. Though men profefs that God is Gracious, yet that Averfation which they have untohim, and communion with him, doch abundantly manifeti that they do not breve what they fay and profcís; if they did, they could not but delight and trua in hirn, which they do not ; for they that knowhis name wil-put their truf in him. So faid the floth- ful fervant in the Gofpcl, I knew that thou watt aultere, and not for me to deal withal ; it may be he profeffed otherwife before, but that lay in his heart when it carne to the tryal. But this I lay, is neceffary to them, unto whom this difèovery is to be made ; even a fpiritual apprehenfion of the gracious, loving heart and nature of God. This is the#ring ofall that follows ; And the fountain muff needs be infinitely fsveet from whence fuch Breams do flow. He that confiders the glorious fabrick of Heaven and Earth, with the things in them con- tamed, mutt needs conclude that they were the product of infinite Wifdom andPower ; nothing lets, or under them could have brought forth fuchan eft d. And he that really conti- de.rethf)rgiventfl, and looks on it with a fpiritual eye, mutt conclude, that it comes from infinite Goodneßand Grace. And this is that which the Hearts of finners are exercifed about, when they come to deal for pardon. Pfal. 86. S. thou Lord art goodand ready toforgive. Neh.: m. 9. 17. Thou art a God rea- dy to pardon, gracious and merciful, flow to anger, andof great i{indnet. And Micah 7. 19. Who is a God like unto thee, that pardoneth iniquity becaufie he delighteth in Mercy. And God encourageth them hereunto, whereever he Pays, that he forgivesfins and blots out iniquities, for his own fake, or his names fake ; that is, he will deal with finners according to the Goodnefs of his own Gracious Nature. So Hof t 1. 9. I will not execute the ftercenefs of mine Anger, I will not return to delft-0y Ephraim, forlam God, and not Man. Were there no mere Mercy, Grace, Compafíiion, to be (hewed in this cafe, than it is pofíìble fhould be treafured up in the heart of a man, it wouldbe impofliible that Ephraim (hould be fpared ; But faith he.,