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I I8 Difcovety of P'orsïvenef, &c. Pfal. 130. thee the fàtherlefs findeth mercy. A lòlernn Renunciation wehave of all other helps, Reliefs or Aliitl;ances, Civil or Religious, that are not Gods. Therein a.fclemn Iefolcction in their great di- flrefs of cleaving unto God alone. Both which are great and bleffed effcds of faith. What is the bottom and foundation of this bleffed .Refol_ution ? namely, that Prcpofition, in thee the fatherly; finrleth mery ; that is there is f)rgivenefi with thee, for helplefs limners. This lifted up their hearts in their depth!, and fupported them in rvaiting, unto the receiving of the blef- fed Promifes, of Mercy, Pardon, Grace and Holinefs , which enfle in the next Verkes. Until they carne home unto them in their Efficacy and Effecffs, they made a-Life on this ; in thee the fatherlert findeth mercy. The flare and condition of things feems to lye yet lower in that propofàl we have, Jod 2. 13, 14. Rendyour hearts, and not your garmcnts,and turn unto the Lordyour God, for he is graci- ous andmerciful, flow to anger, and ofgreat kindneß, and repenteth him of the evil, who knoweth if he will return, and repent, and leave a bleffing. That which is propofed to the faith of thofe here fpoken unto is, that the Lord is gracious and merciful; that there isforgivenfßin him , The Duly they are provoked unto hereupon, is Gffel Repentance. The Affint unto the Pro - pouition demanded, as to their own interctt amounts but unto this, who kjv;rtes, but that the Lord may return and leave a bleffing, or deal with us according to the manifeffation he hathmade of himfdf, that he is merciful and gracious. This is far enough from any comfortable perfovafm of a particular intereff in that Grace, mercy or Pardcn. But yet faith the Prophet, come but thus far, and here is á firm foundation of dealing with Goa about 'farther difcoveries of himfelf, in a way Of Grace and Mercy. When a foul fees but fo much in God, as to con- clude ; well, Who knoweth but that he may.return, andhave mer- e) upon me alfò, it willfispport him, and give him an entrance in- to further light. TheChurch in the Lamentations gives a fad account of her fate and condition in this matter. For fhe m'aketh that hard conclufion againft her felt, Chap. 3)8. My firength and my hope is perifbedfrom the Lord. Andwhen I cry and¡bout, he (huts out my