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Ver.4 Efe1s of the Difevery, &c. 119 my prayer, v. 18. So tar is /be from a comfortable pelt-wak- en of a particular intere(t in Mercy and Acceptance; that un- der her Pre5eres, and in her Ternptitions, the is ready pofitively to determine on the other tide ; namely, that the is rejected and call otf for ever. What courfe then thall the take ? Shall the give over waiting on God , and fay there is no hope ? no faith the, I will not take that way; tòr v. 26. It is good that a man fbould both hope and quietly wait for the filvation ofGod, But yet there teems frnall encouragement for her fo todo, if things be with ht_r as was expretfed ; Things indeed, faith the, are very fad with me, My foul hate them (till in remembrance, and if bowed down in me, v. 2o. but yet, fomewhat j recall to mind, and therefore have I h::pe, v. 2 I. It is of the Lords mercy that we are not confurned, becaufe big compafonsfail not. There is mer- cy and nevcr failingcompaQïon in God; fo that though my own prefent condition be full of darknefs, and I fee no deliverance, Yet I purpofe fill to abide waiting on him : Who knows what thofc infinite flores and treafures of mercy and relief that are withhim, may at length afford unto tae : and many infances cf the like kind might be added. We may obferve by the way, how far this Relief extends it Pelf; and what is enables the foul unto. As, 1. The foul is enabled thereby to refign it felt unto the,dif7iofäl Effe is of of S9teraignGrace, in felf- abhorrency, and a Renunciation of all the Dífco- other wages ofRelief. Lam. 3. 29. He putteth his mouth inYery of the du is o be there may be hope. What God will, is his Lan.., f y p ífsin guage. Here he lyes at his difpofal, humble, broken, but God. abiding his pleafure. Though he flay me, faith lob, yet I mill trufl in him, Chap. 13. 15. " It is all one, how he :deals with me ; whatever be the event I will abide cleaving unto him. " I will not think of any other way of extricating my Pelf " from my ditirefs. I will neither fly like Jonah, nor hide like "Adam, nor take any other courfe for deliverance. Saith the " foul, God is aGod that hideth hirnfelf from me, Ifa. 45.15. I walk indarknefs and have no light, Chap. 50. 1 o. My flefb faileth, and my heartfaileth , Pfal. 73. z6. So that I am " overwhelmed with trouble. Mine Iniquities have taken flab "hold