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r20 Efe f of tf,rc Di/covery Pfal. i 3O, t bold on me, that I cannot lookup, Pf4l.4o.12. The Lord hash for- "fallen me, and my God bath f rgotten me ; Every day am I " in dread and terror, and am ready utterly to faint, and no ' relief can I obtain. What then (hall I do ? Shall I curfi God " and dye ? or cry this evil it ofthe Lord, why fhould I wait for " him any longer ? Shall I take the courfe of the world, and " feeing it will be no better , be wholly regardlef of my " latter end ? No ; I know what ever my lot and portion be, " that there is forgiventß with God : This and that poor mart " :ruffed in him, they dyed unto him, andwere delivered. So did " David in his greateft ddf refs, he encouraged his heart in the " Lord his God, 2 Sam. 15. 25, 26. It is good fir me to call "my felf into his arms; it may be, he will frown; it may be "he is wroth bill ; but all is one,this way I will go ; as it feems " good unto him to deal with me, (o let it be : And unfpeak- " able are the Advantages which a foul obtains by this Jeif Re- " fignation, which thefaith treated of, will infallibly produce. 2. It extends it fell unto a Refolution of waiting in the condi- tion wherein the foul is. This the Church comes unto,Lam.3.26. It is good that a man fhould both hope , and quietly wait for the falvation ofthe Lard. I will not give over my expectation I will not make hafte, nor limit God; but I. will lye at his foot, until his own appointed time of mercy (hall come. Expectation and Qiietnefs make up waiting. Thefe the foul attains unto, with this fupprtment. It looks upwards, as a feervant that looks to the hands of his Matter, (fill fixed on God to fee what he will do, to hear what he will (peak concerning :him ; miffing no feafon, no opportunity wherein, any difcovery of the Will of Godmay be made to him. And this he doth in qui- etnefl, without repining, or murmuring, turning all.his com- plaints againf1 himfelf and his ownvilenefs, that hath cut him thort from a participationof that fulnefs of Love and Grace which is withGod. That this EfE alto attends this Faith, will fully appear in the clofe ofthe Pfalm. 3. It fupports unto waiting in the ufe of all means for the at- tainment of a fenfe of forgivenefs, and fo hath its Effect in the whole courfe of our obedience. There is forgivenefs with thee, that thou maid} be feared. To fear the Lord, is an ex-