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Ver.4. awaiting on Godfrom a Difcovery, &c. ed anyevidences of its own ípecial intereli in forgtvenefs : Ma- ny Lovers will be folieiting of it to play the harlot by taking them into its embraces. Both felt- righreou ief?and fin will be very importunate in this matter. The former tenders it Elf as exceeding ufcful to give the foul Come Help, Atlì(tance, and fupportment in its condition. Samuel doth not come faith Saul, and the Philffins invade me, I will venture and offer S r- criflce my (-elf contrary to the Law. The Promife doth not come to the foul for its particular relief, it hath no evidence as to an efpecial interelt in forgivenefs: Temptation invades the mind; try thy felf, Cayes it, to take relief in fomewhat of thine ownproviding. And this is to play the harlot from God. To this purpofe fell righteoufnef? varioully difguifes it fell, like the Wifeof jeroboam when the went to the Prophet. Sometimes it appears as dui, fometimes as figns, and token,/; but its end is to get fomewhat of the faith and trufïs of the foul, to be fixed upan it. But when the foul hath indeed a, difco -- very of forgivenFJ, it will not give ear to there folicitations. No faith ir, I fee buch a Beauty, tech an Excellency, fach adelire- ablenefs and fuitablenefs unto my wants and condition, in that forgivenefs that is with God, that I.am, refolved to abide*in the Gofpcl delire and expehation of it, all the dayes of my life; here my choice is fixed ;. and I will not alter. And this Kefö- lution gives glory to the Grace ofGod. When the foul without an evidence of an intereft in ir, yet prefers it above that which with many reafonings and pretences offers it fellas a prefent relief unto it, Hereby is God glorified, andChritt exalted, and the fpiritual life of the foul fecured. 2. This difcovery of forgiveneßin God with the effeEts of it Waiting on before mentioned, will produce a Refolution of waiting ore God from God fir peace and conbolation, in his own time andmay. Her Io£Fe that believetb will not make hafte, Iû. 28.16. not make hatte ; ¡venefsor. to what ? not to the enjoyment of the thing believed. Hafteb argues precipitation and impatience ; this the foul that hath this difcovery is freed from, refolving to wait the time of Gods appointment, for peace and confolation ; God fpeaking of his accomplithment of his Promifes, layes, I the Lord will haffett R 3