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13 2 Efential properties of Gods Nature, 6,c. NA' 30, Evidences of Forgiveneflin God. No inbred Notions of any free 4 h ofGods Will. Forgivenefi not revealed by the Works ofNature, nor the Lazy. Efïenrial I. The things, that arc#oken, or are to beknown of God are properties of t wo forts : ( . ) Natural and Neceffary ; fuch as are his of Gods Effential properties, or the Attributes of his nature, his Good - nature how nefs, made Holinefs, Righteoufnefs, Omnipwency, Eternity, and the r' known, like. Theft are called, Ta yreos.4 &eg, Rom. 1. I g. That which may be known ofGod. And thereare two wayes, as the Apo- file there declares, whereby that which he, there intimates of God may be known, ( 1.) By the inbred light of Nature; yavep,v öSry ïsy tit/7075', V. 19. It is manifefl in themfelves ; in their own hearts; They are taught it by the common conceptions 4í3d prefumptions which they have of God by the light of na- lure. Fromhence do all mankind know concerning God,that He is, that he is Eternal, infinitely Powerful, Good, Righteous, Holy, Omnipotent. There needs no fJecial Revelationof thefe things that men may know them. That indeed they may be known favingly there is; and therefore they that know chef& things by nature,. do alto believe them on Revelation, Heb. xi. 6. He that cometh unto God mutt BELIEVE that he it, and that he is a rewarder. Though men KNOW God by the light of nature , yet they cannot COME to God by that knowledge. 2. Thefc Efntial properties of the nature of God are re- vealed by his WORKS.: So. the Apoftle in the fame place, ver. io. The invifible things of God from the creation :ofthe world, are clearly fien, being under(tood by the things, that are made, even bit Eternal Power and Godhead: See alto, Pfalm a9. 1, 2, 3. And this is the órft fort of things that may be known ofGod. 2. There