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Ver.4. Free Af ofGods Will, &c. 13 3 2. There are the free Aíls ofbit Wi3 and Power ; or his free Free Alts eternal prtrpofef, with the temporal dif/'enfations that flow from °f Gods them. Now of this fort, is the- f orgivenc that we are enquir- t, will, how y nay ing after ; It is not a property of theNature of God, but an be Aei of his Will, and á Work of his Grace. Although it bath its rile and fpring in the infinite Goodnefs of his Nature, yet it proceeds from him, and is not exercifed but by an abfìlute free and Saveraign A6`1 of his Will. Now there is nothing of God, or with him, of this fort that can be any wayes - _known, but only by efpecial Revelation: For, t. There is no inbrednotion of the Ads ofGods Will in the heart ofman, which is the fnnii way whereby we come to the knowledge of any thing of God. Forgivenrß is not revealed by the light ofnature. Flefh and blood,which nature is,declares it not : By that means, No man loath fenGdd at any time, John 1.8. that is, as a God, of mercy and pardon , as the Son re- veales him. Adam had an intimate acquaintance, according to the limited capacity of a creature, with the properties and excellencies of the nature of God. It was implanted in his heart , as indifpenfibly neceffary unto that natural worfhip, which by the Law of his creation he was to.perform. But when he had finned, it is evident, that he had not the leaff ap- prehenfion that there was forgiveneß withGod. Such a thought would have laid a foundation of Come further treaty with God about his condition. But he had no other defign but of flying andhiding himfelf, Gen. 3. io. fo declaring that he was utterly ignorant of any fuch thing as pardoningmercy._Such,and no other, areall thefirft, or purely natural conceptions of fin- ners ; namely, that it is d'mxíwlice 6s 6e , the Judgement ofGod, Rom. i. 32. that fin is to be punifhed with death. It is true, thefe conceptions in many -are /filled, by Rumors, Reports,Tra- ditions, that it may be otherwife ; but all thefe are far enough from that Revelation of forgiveneß, which we are enquiring after. 2. The confideration o the Works ofGods creation will not help a man to this knp* edge ; that there is forgiveneß with God. The Apoftle tells us,Rorn. r. 2o6 what it is of God that S 3 his.