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Ve .. Depths ofSin, wherein they confifi. II unto all his Children, fo thole dainties, and high Cordials he re- ferveth only for the farms, and Perffns,wheiein, and to whom he knows them to be needful, and ufeful. Believers may be without ih.i ((nfe ofLove, and yet be in no depths. Aman may be ftrong and healthy, who bath wholfom food, though hene- vcr drink Spirits and Cordials. Again, There is an abiding, dwelling fenfe of Gods Love upon the hearts of the molt of thole of whomwe (peak, whohave had long communion with God, confifling in a prevailing GoJJel perJivafion, that they are accepted with God in Chrilf. Rom. 5. I. Being juJlifted by faith, we have peace withGod. I call it a prevailing perfwafion, denotingboth the oppofition that is made unto it, by Satan and unbelief; and its efficacy in the con- quell thereof. This is the root from whence all that peace, and ordinary . conflation which Believers in this world are made partakers of, do fpring aiad grow. This is that which quickens and enlivens them unto Duty, Pfal r t6. 12, 13. and is the fait that .renders their Sacrifices and Performances favour), to God, and refrefhing to themfelves. This fupports them under their tryals, gives them peace, hopeand comfort in Life and Death. Kai. 23.. 4.. Though I walk in the valley of the Jhaddow of death, Iwill fear no evil, for thou art withme. A fenfe of Gods Pre- fence in Love, is fufficient to rebuke all anxiety and fears, in the worn and moll dreadful condition. And not only fo , but to give in the tnidll of them, Joliei Confolasion and Joy. So the Prophet expreífeth it; Bab. 3.17, t8. Although the Fig-tree"hall not bGfm, neither (hall fruit be in the Vines, the labour of the Olive (hall fail, and the fields (hall yieldno meats the flocks Jhall k cut off from thefold, and there Pall be no herd in theflails Jet I will re»yce in the Lord, I will joy in theGod ofmy falvation. And this is thatfinfe of Love, which the choicefl Believers may lofe on the account of fin. This is one hep into their depths. They (hall not retain any fuch Gdel apprehenfion of it, as that it fhould give them re(l, peace, or confolation ; that it fhould influence their fouls with delight in Duty, or fupportanent in tryal; And the Nature hereof will be afterwards more ful- ly etplained. Secondly, Perplexed thoughtfu!nejl about tbeir great andwatch.... C 2 ed