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I 2 Depths ofSin, wherein they cone. Pfal. f 3 o, ed unkindnefi towards God, are another part of the Depths of fin-intangled fouls. So David complains, Pfal. 77. 3, I remem- bred God, faith he, and was troubled. How comes the Remem- brance ofGod to be unto him a matter of trouble ? in other Places he profeflreth , that it was all his relief and fup. portrnent. How comes it to be an occafion of his trouble? All had not been well between God and him ; and whereas for- merly in his Remembrance of God, his thoughts were chic* exercifed about his Love and Kindnef now they were wholly pofíeft with his own fin andunkindgl.. Thiscaufeth his trou- ble. Herein lyes a(hare of the intanglements occafioned by fin. Saith tech a foul in its 111f; foolifh creature, Batt thou thus re- quited the Lord ? Is this the return that thou haft made unto him for all his love, his kindnefs, his confolations , mercies ? Is this thy kindnefs for him, thy love to him ? Is this thy kindnefs to thy Friend ? Is this thy boafling of him, that thou hadft found fo much Goodnefs and Excellency in him and his Love, that though all men fhould forfàle him, thou never wouldff do fo ? Are all thy Promifes, all thy Engagements which thoumadeft unto God, in times of diftrefs, upon prevailing obligations, and mighty impreffiions of his Good Spirit upon thy íòu1, now come to this, that thou fhould(t fo foolifhly for- get, neglect., defpife, cart him off ? Well! now be is gone; he is withdrawn from thee, and what wilt thou do ? Art thou not even afhamed to delire him to return ? They were thoughts of this nature, that cut Peter to the heart upon hisfall. The foul finds them cruel as Death, andffroxg as the Grave. It is bound in the chains of them, and cannot be comforted , Pfalm 38.: 3, 4, 5, 6. And herein confifts a great part of the depths en- quired after. For this contideration excites, and puts an edge upon all grieving, tiraightning, perplexing Alf pions which are the only means whereby the foul cf a man may be in- wardly troubled, or trouble it fell; fuch are f rrorn and fhame, with that felf- dif'licency and Revenge wherewith they are at- tended. And as theirReafon and Object in this cafe do tran- fcend all other occafions of them, fo on noother account do tLey caufe filch fevere and perplexing refluions on the foul as on this, Thirdly,