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ICY Ver. T , 2 Depths of Sin, wherein they cunf ft. Thirdly, A revived finfé of jujily deferved wrath, belongs alfo to thefe depths. This is as the op.ningof nib/wounds, When men have pafUd through a fen]e of' wrath, and have obtained deliverance and reft through the biooi of Chrift, to corne to their old thoughts again, `o bc: trading afrefh with Hú, Curfr, Law, and Wrath, it is a c1'''rh indeed. And this often b:falls gracious fouls on the account of tin , Pfalm 8S. 7. `I h) wrath !yet!) hard upon me, faith H- nun. I t preifed and crulhed him for ly. There is a f lf-judging as to the def rt of wrath, which is c0nfiflent with a comforting perfwation of an Intere'1 in Chrifl. This the foul tirids fiveet; eft in, as it lycs in a fitbfer- viency to the exaltation ofGrace. But in this cafe, the foul is left under it without that relief. It plungeth it f if into the Curti of the Law and flames ofHell, without any cheering fup- port ment from the blood of Chriíi. This is walking in the val- ley of thefhadow ofdeath. The f ul. converfith with death, and what feems to lye in a tendency thereunto. The Lord alfo to increafe his perplexities, puts new life and fpirit into the Law; gives it a frefh Commiffim as it were to take filch a one into its Cuflody ; and the Lawwill never in this world be wanting unto its Duty. Fourthly, Oppreffing itprehenfions of temporal Judgements, concurr herein alto; for God will judge his People. And judge- ment often begins at the Houle of God. ThoughGod, faith filch a one, fhould not call meoff for ever, though he thould pardon my iniquities, yet he may fo take vengeance of my inventions,as to make me feed on gall and wormwood all my dayes. Pja /. I I 9. 120. faith David, Ñty fifth trembleth for fear of thee , and I am afraid of thy Judgements. He knows not what the great God may bring upon him; and being full of afenfe of the guilt offizz, which is the bottom of this whole condition, every Judgement of. God is full of terror unto him. Sometimes he thinks, God may lay open thefilth of his heart, and make him a fcandal and a reproach in the world; Ppd. 39. 8, Oh, faith. he, rnáke me not a reproach to the foolifh. Sometimes he tremblei WI God fhould (trìke him fuddainlywith force fg'najudgement, arid take him out of the world , in darknefs and furrow ; fo faith David, take me not away in thy wrath. Sometimes he fears left he (hall be C 3 like