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Sins occa(ioning great Difirefes. P1-a1.1 30. like are tins which in their own nature, without the contidera- tion of aggravating circum(lancet, (which yet indeed really, in Believers they can never be without) are able to plunge a foul into depths. Thefe find cut the locks of mens fpiritual f1rength ; and it is in vain for them to fay, we will go, and do as at other times. Bones are not broken without pain ; nor great fins brought on the Confcience without trouble, Beat I need not infition thofe. Some fay that they deprive even true Believers of all their interest in the Love ofGnd, but unduly; all grant that they bereave themof all comforting evidence, and well grounded AfTurance of it. So they did Davidand Peter, and herein lyes no fmall part of the depths we are fearching into. Secondly, There are fins which though they do not rife up irk the confcience with fuch a Gloedyguitt, as thofe mentioned, yet by reafon of Come circumflances and aggravations, God takes them fo unkindly,'as to make them a root of difquietnefs and trouble to the foul all its dayes. He fayes of force tins of ungodly men, as I live this iniquity fha:l not be purged from you until ye dye ? If you are come to this height, you fhall not e%ape, I will not (pare you. And there are Provocations in his own People, which may be fo circumftantiated, as that he will not let them pals, before he have cafe them into depths, and made them cry out for deliverance. Let us confider tome of them. Firfi, Mifcarriages under fignal Enjyments oflove and kindnefl from God, are of this fort. When God hath given unto any one expreffive manifefiations of his Love, convinced him of it, made him fay in the inmoil parts of his heart, this x unde- ferved love andkindefl, then for him to be negligent in his milk- ing with God, it carrieth an unkindne fwith ir, that shall not be forgotten. It is a remark upon the mifcarriagesofSolomon, that he fell into them after God had appeared unto him twice. And all fins under orofer effiecial mercies, will meet at one time or other effiecial rebukes. Nothing loth more difirefs the confcience of a timer, then the remembrance in darkneß of abufed light ; in defertions of negleaed love. This God will wake them fenfible of, Though I have redeemed them, faith God,