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Ver i,2. Sins wagoning great Difi?re es, 2 5 God, yet they haveffoken yes againf me , Hof. 7. 15. So CI, a 3.4., 5, 6, 7. When God bath in his Providence dealt gra:i- oufly with a Perfon, it may be delivered him from ¡}raightt and troubles, fet him in a large place, prevented him with ma- ny fruits and efeets ofhis goodnefs, bleffed him in his PerEin, Relations, and Employments, dealt well with his foul, in giv- ing him a graciousfoie of his love in Chriíl ; for fuch a one to fall underftnful mifcarriages, it goes to the heart ofGod, and ¡hall not be paffed over. 'Undervaluations of Love aregreatpro - vooationr. HathNabal thus requited my kindnefs faith David ? I cannot bear it. And the clearer the conviW ïons of any in this kind were, the more fevere will their refle6iions be upon them - felves. Secondly, Sins under, or after great Ali ions, are of this importance alp. God dothnot af$i ± willingly, or chatien us meerly for his pleafure. He doth it to make us partakfrs of his Holineß. To take fo little notice of his hand herein, as under it, or after it, not towatch againfl the workings and furprizals of fin, it hath unkindnefs in it ; I f»tote him, faith God, and he went on frowardly in the wages of his own heart. Thefe provo- cations of his Sons andDaughterr, hecannot bear with. Hath God brought thee into the Furnace, fo that thou hail melted under his hand, and in pity and companion hath given thee enlargement ; if thou haft faon forgotten his dealings with thee, is it any wonder,if he mind thee again, by troubles in thy foul ? Thirdly, Breaking off from under (gong conviFions, and dawn- ing: ofLove before Converfion, are oftentimes retnembred upon the confcience afterwards. When the Lordby his Spirit thali mightily convince the heart of fin, and make withal forme dif- coveries of his Love, and the Excellencies of Chrifl unto it, fo that it begins toyield, and beoverpowred, being almoft per- fwaded to be a Chrifiian; if then through the ttrength of luf, or unbelief, it goes back to the world, or felf righteoufnefl ; its folly hath unkindneßwith it, that fometimes ¡hall not be paffed by. God can, and often doth put forth the greatnefi of his power, for the recovery of fuch a foul; but yet he will deal with him,. about' this contempt ofhis Love, and the Excel- lency