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P Sins occationing great Difire,r. Pfal. z 3Q, lency of his Son, in You: dawnings of them revealed unto him. Fourthly,Suddainforgetfulnefi of endearing manifefßationt offfeci- al Lou. ThisGod cautions his people again% as knowing their pronenefs thereunto. Pfal. 85. 8. God the Lord, will ffieak peace to his People and his Saints but let them not turn again to folly. Let them take heed of their aptnefs toforget endearingmanifea- tion$ of #ecial Love. When God at any time draws nigh to a foul by his Spirit, in his Word, with gracious words of peace and love, giving a fente of his kindnefs upon the heart by the Holy Ghofl, fo that it is filled with joy unffeakable andO b. rious thereon ; for this foul, upon a temptation, a diverfion,or by meer carelefnefs and neglect}, which oftentimes falls out, to fuller this fenfi ofLove to be as it were obliterated, and fo to lofe that influencing efficacyunto obedience which it is accom- panied withal, this alto is full of unkindnefl. An account here- of we have, Cant. 5. i, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. In the firfl Verfe the Lord Jefut 4,aws nigh with full provifion ofGofpel Mercies for his Beloved; Iam come unto thee, faithhe, O my Sifter ; I have brought myrrh and!iice, honey and Wine withme : What ever is fpirituallyTweet and delightful; Mercy, Grace, Peace, Confo- lation, Joy, AfTurance, they are all here in a readinefs for thee, v. 2. The Spoufe in her drowfie indiffrofttion takes little notice of this gracious vifit; the is diverted by other matters , and knowsnot how to attendfully and wholly to the bleffed Comte munion offered unto her; but excufeth her felf as otherwife engaged. But what is the iffue ?: Chrifl withdraws, leaves her in thedark, in the midfl ofmany difconfolationt, and long it is before the obtain any recovery. Fifthly, Great opportunities for fervice negletled, and greatgift: not improved, are oftentimes the occafion of plunging the foul into great depths. Gifts are given to trade withal for God. r Opportunities, are themarket dayes for that trade. To napkin up theone, and to let flip the other, will end in trouble and dif- confolation. Difquietments and perplexities of heart, are worms that will certainly breed in the ruff of unexercifed Gifts. God loofah a revenue of glory and honour by fuch 11uthful. fouls ; andhc., will make tlTcm foibleof it. I .know Come