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Ver. I,2. Aggravations of Sins, &c. forne at this day, whom omifons ofopportunities for fervice, are ready to fink into the grave. Sixthly, Sint after e#ecial warnings, are ufually thus iffued. In all that variety of #ecial warnings which God is pleafed to ufe towards finningSaints, I (hall tingle out one only. When a foul is wrafiling with Tome Lunt or Temptation, Godby his Providence caufeth fome ftecial word, in the Preaching of the Gofpel, or the Adminißration of force Ordinance thereof , pe- culiarly fuited to the flats and condition of the foul, bI the wayes of rebuke, or per fwafion, tocome nigh and enter the in- moil parts of the heart. The fool cannot but take notice that God is nigh to him, that he is dealing with him ; and cal- ingon him to look to him for afliflance. And he feldorn gives fuch warnings tohis Saints, but that he is nigh them in an emi- nent manner to give them relief and help, if in anfwer unto his call, they apply themfelves unto him ; but if his care, and kindnefs herein benegleted, his following reproofs re ufually more revere. Seventhly, Sint that bring fcandal, feldorn fuffer the foul to efcape depths. Even ingreat fns,God in chaflening takes more notice oft-times ofthefcandal, than the fin : as z Sam. 12. 14. Many profeffors take little notice of their worldlinefs, their pride, their pafl"ion, their lavifh tongues ; but the world doth, and the GoJJel is difàdvantaged by it ; and no wonder if them- felves find from the hand of the Lord, thebitter fruits of them in the iffue. And many other fuch Aggravations of fins there are which heighten provocations in their own nature, not of fo dreadful an afpeec as force others, into a guilt plunging a foul into depths. Thofe which havebeen named may fuffice in the way of inflance; which is all that we haveaimed at, and therefore forbear enlargements, .on the feveral heads of them. The confederation of Come Aggravations of the guilt of thefe Aggrava fins, which bring the foul ufually into the condition before laid tions of down, than clore this difcourfe. fins caufna diilreüe5. Firít, The foul is furnifhedwith a Principle of Grace, which is continually operative and, working for its prefeervation froth fuch /ans. lE z The