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Earnefnefr &c. wherein it eoníàs. Pfal.i Earnefiners Firfl, There is a continual thoughtfülmffabout the fad condì. &c.where- tion wherein the foui is in its depths. Being deeply atcedcd in it con- frilerh. with their condition they are continually ruminating upon it, and pondering it in their minds. SoDavid declares the cafe to have been with him, Pfal. 38. 2, 35 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Thine arrows flick faff in me, and thy handprefe th me fsre ; t;oere is nofounderp inmy fiefh, becaufe e f thine anger, neither it there any raft in my bones becaufe of my fins ; for mine iniquities are gone over mine head, as an heavy burthtin they are too heavy for me, my wounds flink, and are corrupt, becaufè of my foolijhneß; I am troubled, I am bowed down, j go mourning all the day long; I am feeble and fore broken, Ihave roared for the difquietneß ofmy heart. Reit_ lefinefs, deep-thoughtfulnefs, difquietnefs ofheart, continual heavinefs of foul, torrow and anxiety of mind, lye at the bot- tom of the Applications we .fpeak of. From thefe Principles their prayers flow o_it ; as D.wid adds, v. 9. Lord all my de/ire i.e , before thee, and my groaning is not bidfidm thee. This way all h:s trouble wrought. He prayed out of the abundance of his meditation and grill Thoughts of thtir (late and condition lye down with fuch Pcrfons, and rife with them; and accompany them all the day long. As Reuben cryed, the child rs not, and I whither /hulllgo ? So Both. fuch a foul; the Love ofGod is not, Chri(I is not, and I whither (hall I caul:; my furrow to go ?' God is provoked, death is nigh at hand, re- lief. is far away, darknefs is about .me; I have loft my re ice, my j 'y, my Song in the night ; what do I think of dutics ? Can:two walk together unlefs,thy be agreed? Can I walk w:th God in them, whill I have thus made him mine enemy? What do I thinkcifOrditiances-? Will ,it do the any good to be at Jerufalem, and not 1 e the face of the King ? to live under Or dinances,. and not to meet in them with the King of Saints ? May I not jufily fear,,that the Lord will take his holy Spirit from me, until'. be left without remedy ? With Each thoughts as thefe,are f n.entatag/ed fbuls exercU d, and'they. lye rolling in their minds, in all their .applications unto God... Secondly, We fee theApplication it Pelf conGfts in, and is Made by the prayer ofFaith ; or crying unto God ; now this is done