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Ver. I,2. Earneßnef, ev. wherein it con9.r. -3, done with intenfeneßof mind ; which hath a twofold fruit or property; ( I. )_ Importunity; and" ( 2.)Confiancy. It is Paid of our bleffed Saviour, that when he was in his depths, about our fins, that he offered up prayers Rnd fupplicati- ons with firong cryes and tear:, Heb. 5.7. Strong cryes and tears, exprefs the utmofi intenfion ofSpirit. And David expref- feth it by roaring, as we have feen before ; as alfo by figbing, groaning and panting. A foul in fuch a condition lyes down before the Lord, with fi.ghs, groans, mourning, cryes, tears and roaring, according to the variousworking of his heart, and its being aff_Eted with the things that it bath to do; and this. produceth, Firfl, Importunity. The power of ,the importunity of Faith our Saviour hath marveloufly let out, Luke i s . 8, 9, io. as al- to, Chap. 18. i. Importunateprayer is certainly prevailing. And importunity is as it were made up of thefe two things : fre- quency of interpottion, and variety of arguings. You fhali have a man that is importunate come unto you, feven times a day about the fame butiñefs ; and after all, if any new thought come into his mind, though he had refolved to the contrary, he will come again. And there is nothing that can be imagined to relate unto the bulinefs he hath inhand, but he will make ufe of it, and turn it to the furtherance of his plea. So is it in this cafe. Men will ufe both frequency of interpoli-. Lion, and variety of arguirigs, Pfal, 86. i. I cry unto thee daily , or rather, all the day. He had but that one bufineß, and he it- tended it to the purpofe, By this means we give God no refi{, Ifa.62.7. which is the very charader of importunity. Such fouls go to God ; and they are not fatisfied with what theyhave done and they go again; and fome what abideth Rill with them, and they go to him again; and the heart is not yet emptied ; they'I go again to him ; that he may have no rat. What va- riety of arguments are pleaded with God in this cafe, I could alfo manifel in the fameDavid. But it is known to all; there is not any thing almoll that he makesnot a plea of; the Faith- fulneff, Righteoufneß, Name, Mercy, Goodnefs and kindnefs of God in Jefus Chrift ; the concernment of others in him, both the friends and foes ofGod ; his ownweakneß, and helplefnefs, G yea,