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Earnejlnef,&c. wherein itcongis. Pfal. i 3 0. yea, the greatnefi of fin it fr1E : Be merciful to my fin, faith he, for it is great. Sometimes he begins with fome Arguments of this kind ; and then being a little diverted by other confì- derations, forte new plea is fuggefled unto him by the Spirit, andhe returns immediately to his firit employment and de- fign,all arguing great intention ofmind and fpirit. Secondly Conftancy alto flows from intenlenefs. Such a foul will not give over, until! it obtain what it aims at, and looks for : as we (hall fee in our procefs in opening this Pfalm. And this is in general the deportnieat of a gracious foul in the condition here reprefented unto us. As poor creatures love their peace , as they love their fouls, as they tender the glory of God, they are not to be wanting in this duty. What is the reafonthat controverfie.r hang fo long between God and your fouls, that it may be you fcarce fee a good day all your lives? Is it not for the moll part from your ffoth and defpondency of fpirit ? you will not gird up the loyns of your minds, in deal- ing with God, to put them to a fpeedy iffue in the blood of Chrifl. *You go on and off, begin and ceafe, try and give over; and for the moli part, though your cafe be extraordinary , con- tent your felves with ordinary and cuftomary Applications unto God. This makes you wither, become ufelefs, and pine away in and under your perplexities. David did not fo ; but af- ter many andmany a breach made by fin, yet through quick, vigorous, refilefs ac` ings of Faith, all was repaired, fo that he Lived peaceably and dyed triumphantly. Up then and be do- ing; let not your wounds corrupt becaufi of your folly; make through work ofthat which lyes before you ; be it long, or dif- ficult, it is all one, it mutt be done, and is attended with fafety ; What you are like tomeet withal in the firft place (hall nextly be dcelarcd. Verfe