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Vera, Verfe 3. opened. Verle 3. The words of theVerfe explained; and their meaning opened. H E general frame of a gracious foul in its perplexities Verfe 3. about fin, hath been declared. Its particular aaings, what opened. it loth , what it meets withal , are ncxtly reprefented unto us. Fire, Then in particular it cryes out, If thou Lord fhouldit mark iniquities, O Lord who /hallRand? There is in the words a Suppofition ; and an Inference on that Suppofition. In the Suppofition ; there is, firtl, the Name of God that is fixed on as fuited unto it. And Secondly, The thing it felt fuppofed. In the Inference, there is expreffed the matter of it; toJiand ; and the manner of itspropofal ; Where- in two things occur ; ( . ) That it is expreffed by way of Interrogation : ( 2. ) The Indefiniteneß of that Interrogation; Who AA]fland? If thou Lord; He here fixes on another name of God ; which is .fah A name though from the fame root with the former, yet feldom ufed,, but to intimate and exprefs the terrible Ma- frfly of God. He rideth on the Heavens, and is extolled by his name Jab. Pfal. t$8.4. He is to deal now with God about the guilt of fin ; and God is reprefented to the foul as great and ter- rible ; that he mayknowwhat to expel} and look for, if the matter muti be tryed out according to the demerit of fin. What then faith he to 7 AH? rn7 Wn r11]ty Z7H if thou fhouldjt mark, iniquities. 1CW is to obferve and keep as in Cafe cuffody. To keep, preferve and watchdiligently. So to remark and obferve, as to retain that which is obferved, to ponder it, and lay it up in the heart, Gen. 37. I z. Jacob obferved Jofephs dream : that is, he retained the memory of it, and pondered it in his heart. The markingof Iniquitiesthen here intended, is Gods Co far confideringand obfervingof them, as to refirve them for pu- nifbment and .vengeance, In oppofition unto thismarking, eid Ga 43