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Ver3. Yerfé 3. opened.. without everlaffing ruine. For the Interrogation is indefinite; not how can 1 ? but , who can fiand ? When the Ho- ly Ghoil would fet teat the certainty, and dreadfulnefs of the perifhing ofungodly men, he doth it by fuch a kind of ex- preflion , wherein there is a deeper fenfe intimated into the minds of men, than any words can well cloath or declare. r Pet.4.17. What Pall be the end of them that obey not the Goffrel ? and v. 18. Where (hall the ungodly and the (inner appear ? So here. Who can (land ? there is a deep infinuation of a dreadful ruine, as unto all, withwhom God thall fo deal, as to marktheir iniquities. See Pfál. i. 5. The Pfalmiff then addreflinghimfelf to deal with God about fin, layes down in the firfi place in the general how things muff go, not with himfelf onÿ, but with all the world, upon the fuppofition he had fixed. This is not my cafe only ; but it is Co' with all, mankind, every one who is partaker of flefh and blood whether their guilt anfwer that, which I am oppref- fed withal or no ; all is one ; guilty they are all, and all muff perifh : Howmuch more mull that needs be my condition,who have contraóed fo great a guilt as I have done. Here then he layes a great Argument againfi himfelf, on the fuppofition before laid down, If none, the Holiefl, the,humblefi,the moti believing foul , can abide the tryal , can endure ; how much lefs can I, who am the clhiefe(t of f nner r, the left of Saints , who come unfpeakably behind them in holind s, and have equally gone beyond them in fin ? This is the fenfe and importance, of the words; Let us now confider how they are expreflïve of the aCiings of the foul whofe ffate and condition is here reprefented unto us, and what direliions they will afford unto us, to give unto them who are fallen into the fame (late, , r G 3 What 45