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4n Bxpofitionofthe 27. Pfithwij. Ver . r o. Yea, this was the lot and portion ofour bleffed Savióiìr, at his apprehenfiön ; yvlattb 26. 56. then all the Difciples forfook him, and fed: j. he Era Ufe For admonition, it ferries twowayes. Fire, that.feeing for admoni- father andmother may forfake us , we put not our tuft 401' in men , be they never to near or dear unto us, in nature. This is Davids counted, Pfd. 146. 3. Put notyour truft in Princes, nor in the fonne of man , in whom there is no help : remember his mortality , there mèìZtioned, t'erf.4. His breathgoethforth, he ret irneth to has earth : in that very dray his thoughts perifh. And adde thereto the confiderationof his mutability in affeion before mentioned , with the Lords threatning of a curfe to him , that trui}eth in man. tr. 17. 5. 6. Indeed, we may troll: to men, as the meanes, but not as the foundation of our help. The fecond Secondly, that webe not difmaid , when our friends do uCe for ad- fail us : we fee, by yob, David , and our SaviourChrif},that monition. it is no ftrange thing. Reafon as Chrid} doth, ciTfatth.1o. 24, 25. The difciple is not above his mailer, t&c. and Luke 23.3 i. Ifthtyhave donethefe things in agree?' tree) what /hall be done in the dry ? The fecond The fecond thing, to be here obferved , is purpofely in- obfervation. tended , thatwhen Davids neareft and deareft friends for- tookhim, then theLord would gather him up. `Pfal. 142. 4, 5, 7. I looked on my right hand , 'and behold : but there t ss no man that woúldkngiv me : refugefailed sue, no man caredfor myfoul.Icriedunto the Lord,thois artmy refuge thouWilt deal bountifully.With me. Pfal. 4. S. Thou Lord à e lymake fl medwell in Miry. Pfal 62. Ë, 9. He onely it my rock, andrayfalvsztion : he is my defence fürelymen oflow degree 'are vanity, andmenofhigh degreearea lye. The reafon of this fpeciall favour from God to David wasthreefold. Firf<, Dr-LyidRood rightly and truly inco- vrenant with God : he was one ofGods people,and had the Lordfor his God, and fo was interefted in Gods fpeciall providence, for proteaion and prefervation. See Pfal. 89. 3, 20, 21, 22, z8, 35. Ihave madeá covenant withmy cho- fén, &c. Second- The firf}