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Vèrf. Iw AnExpofition oftie27. Pplane.- q Secondly, David trufted in God. Pfd. 7. Y . o Lord The ieconl my God, in thee do Iput my traft. Now they that trust in Reaoat the Lord, null be as Mount Sion , tkat ltandeth fait for e- ver. Pfal. i z 5, i . The Lordwill be a refugefor the oppref . fed : a refuge in times oftrouble. And they , that know thy name, willput their troll' in thee, for thouLordhaft notfor- Men them that feekthee. Pfal. 9. 9, IC. God is he thatfa- veth by his right hand , them that put their traft in him,from thofé that rifeupagainst them , Píal. i7. 7. See , Pfal. 9 i 7, &c. He, that dwelleth ín thefecret place ofthe moft high, fhallabide under the Jhadowofthe esiltnighty, &c. Thirdly, Davidwas holy in life and converfation, which The third gavehim good aflùranceof fpeciall prefervation. See Pfd. Ren(on, x8. 17, 23. Hedelivered me from my front enemies For Ihavekept the Wayes ofthe Lord landhave not wicked- ly departedfrommy God. The Lordforfakgth not his Saints. Pfal. 37. 2.8. This ferves for inftruc4ion, admonition, e andcomfort. Th Mt Ire inftruFtion twowayes. Fïrft, fee here,in that which for i f r fti- avidprofefleth, the liability of Gods love towards thole co. that be truly his, as Davidwas, for when their neareft and dearest friends do forfake them , yet Godwill not. Hetr. -13.5. He bath faid, Iwill never leave thee,norforfake thee. ;John i 3. i. Having lovedhis own which were in the world, ßáe loved them unto the end. John 6. 3 9. This is thefathers will, which bathfeat me , that of all whichhe bath given me, I fhould doge nothing. Thiswe fhouldobferve andmark, to irengtbénour fouls against the Popilh and Arminian er- rour, offinäll,and totali falling from true grace. But blef- fed be,God, it is as falle , as uncomfortable, croffing the will oftkfiather , and the fidelityof Chrift Jefuf, before named,;ás alto the workofthe fpirit, which is permanent, ás; 4h,ß 4.ai 4. with Pon 7. 37, 3 8; 39. If .any that pro- Ifefi`eyrgereljgi andgiyelood,hopesfórÂtime, do fall .álvn, she _lg v4Y1 eir apo4afe : t# atillgY kan. in hy,- poeriii .,, ór,attrthe boa , were but like A16:491151. gr , .who. liev d.fflr.a.time, L,s¢ke :8. i 3. ,having onedy_an ll'- N 2 mane