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Verf. To. dfr; Expofatiott of the27.Pfalme. it is not he that doth it , fo farre forth as he is regenerate, but he, fo farreforth as he is corrupt , which 'Paul calleth fin that dwelleth inhim, Rom. 7. o. His fervicc offinne is with and from the flefh,but in his minde renewed,he ferves the law of Chrift, Verf. 25. which fhewes, that grace in the habit , and feed , and root doth then remain , when and while corruption, in firndry particular ac`tions,doth prevail. Which to be true, is plain alto by St. Peter, who denied his Mafter with curling and fwearing ( which in it felfwas a fearfull mortal! fin ) Math. 26. 72, 74. even after that comfortable fpeech of Chrift nut() hire ; Simon , behold. Satan bath defiredto haveyou,that he may f ftyou, as -wheat; But I have prayedfor thee , that thyfaithfail not. Luke 22. 3 r, 3 2. Shall we fay he now,bv denying his Mailer loft all gracc;when asChrift had prayed for the continuance ofhis faith? nay rather acknowledge, that this failing was in this particular ad, not in thehabit and feed ofgrace. Secondly, feehere the happineí%of the godly , who in- The fecond deed alone have the Lord for their God:for he is theftrong Utz for in- andRabic helper, who will fafely keep thofe that be his, firufticn. when all other helps do fail, Pf. 37. 28, 33. He forfaketh not his Saints ----- The Lordwill not leave him in the handof the wicked. Verf. 24. Though hefall,yet he 'ball not be call dozen,for theLord upholdeth himwith his hand : Pfal.34. z 9. Many are the aflir7ions of the righteous , but the Lorddeli- vereth them out ofall. See lob 8.2o. 9od Will not caft away sin upright man. lob 5. i3, i 4. HeJhall deliver thee infire troubles, and infevers thereBall no evill touch thee. Happy therefore is the man, that hath the Godof Jacob for his help, Whofè hope is in the LordhisGod. Pfal. i 46. 5. Happy is that people, that is infuch a cafe , yea happy is that people , whole God is the Lord. Pfal. 144. 15 For admonition , it ferves effectually to move every The ICe for one, that defires this comfortable Rate , that when.deare It admonition. and neareft friends do forfake him, yet then the Lord may take him up to give all diligence, both to get and prefcrve thofe graces in his foul, and alfo to teftifie, that N 3 behaviour