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92 An Bxpofitionofthe 27. PIalme. Vert, F r behaviour in life, which did entitle David to thishappy eítate : as namely, toget truly into covenant with God,to trug in the Lord, and to thew the truth hereof by new and trueobedience. Men in the world will ferve hard Prenti- ihips,fortemporall andworldly freedomes, in corporati- ons, and priviledged places : how much more fhould wee sake paines,for this great priviledge ofthe citizens ofSion, to have the Lord for our God. for For comfort , this makes greatly to the godly , in times ofdifireffe they mull call to mmde this property in God,to be morefirm and faithfull,to thofe that be his, then naturali parents are to their dearet} children. For which , befides this text, fee, 1fa, 49. 14 , 15. Sionfaid, the Lord hathfor- ken me,&c. with Luke I I.13. Ifye then, beinge-eyill,know how togivegoodgifts unto your children : hoW much more fhallyour heavenlyfather give the holyffirit to them that ask, him ? Let us make Pure that we be rightly in covenant with God, and then we mayfay with David, The Lord is on my fide, Iwill not fear, What can mando unto me ? Pfal. 1 18.6. The Lord is myfhepheard , IJhall not want Yea though I wall, tborovgh the valley of the fhadow ofdeath, Iwillfears none evil!, for thou art with me. Pfal.23. I,4. Verf. I I . Teach me thy way O Lord, andlead mein again path : becaufe ofmine enemies, Verf. 12. Deliver me not over to the Will of mine enemies : forfallwitneffes are rifer up againfi me, andfuch as breath ont crueltie. Theüfe comfort. The meining N thefe twoVertes, the'Prophet David returnes again of the words. Junto prayer, and begs ofGodboth inftruftion and dire- etionin regard of his enemies, Verf. I i. and allo preferva- tionout oftheir hands, in regardof their unconfcionablc dealing, and cruel! minds towardsim,Yerf..I2. For itxftruc1ion anddires ion_thus,h pray&; ..7 eáçlrme thy way, O-Lord, and leadme in a:plain path,bac tufeofmine enemies. For themeaning, Çóds=way;m scrip= is taken diverfly