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Verf. i i . 4MExpofttion oft1e 27. PJalme. 95 words : for inGodswayes there is fafety : hereGods An- gels have charge to keepe the godly, Pfalm. 91.11 . When thou goeft in this way thy fleps {hall not be ftraightned,and when thou runneft,thou {halt not ftumble,Prov.4. 12.Thefe wayes ofCod are wayes ofpleafure,and all the paths there- of are paths of peace,Prov.3. 17. Here nothingoffends the godly,Pfalm.119.165. Nay,here is ringingof heart;Pfalnz. I 3 8.5 .w ith Pfaim. 6 5. 14. This fafety from enemies in the wayes ofCod, the Lord affured his people, Deut. á8.17. If thou {halt hearken diligently unto thevoyce of the Lord thy God,toobferve and doe all his Commandements, the Lord {hall caufe thine enemies, that rife upagainft thee, to be fmitten before thy face, &c. Pfa/m.81.13,14.O that my people had hearkneduntome, and Ifrael had walked in my wayes, I fhould foon have fubdued their enemies, and tur- ned mine hand againft their adverfaries. This David found true in his own perfon, Pfalm. 18.16,17,21. He fent from above,he tookme,hedrewmeout ofmany waters. He de.. livered me frommy ftrong enemies. For I have kept the wayes of the Lord,&c. This ferves for inflruc`tiop and admonition. The uíe For inftruFlion ; fee plainly by Davids prayer,that there for iní{rulaion is moregood tobe had in thewayes of God, then naturali men imagine, elfe Davidwould never have begged of God fo earneftly to be taught therein. Confider but fome ofthe aforefaid reafons, that moved us fo to pray, as his direoi- on unto acceptable obedience,wherein men are inítiledunto all Gods bleffings, as Deut.z8.1,2, 3. &c. Pfalm. I 19. 1. His inward joy andconfolation, which is an infeparablc fruit of Gods initruoion,Pfal.i 19. 162. I rejoyceat thy word,ás one that findeth great fpoyl,Ier.I 5.16.Thywords were found,& I did eat them, and thyword was unto mee the joy & rejoycing ofmyheart.Lafily,his fafety&proteo- ion herein from the head ofhis enemies:when God faith to his Church,allthy children íhal be taught of theLord,head- deth withall,and great{hal be the peaceof thy children. In righteoufneffe fhalt thou beeaabli{hed, thou"halt befarre p from