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9$ .rl Expofitionof the 27. Pfatrne. Verf. Pure of our naturali corruption, who judge many of Gods wayes unequal!, Eteh, 18.25. Ye fay, the wayof the Lord is not equal!. And indeed, in one thingor other, wherein everycarnali heart delires liberty to finnc, weare like the evill fervant, who inour thoughts charge the Lord to be anhard mafter requiring more exalt obedience then hee fhould, Mat. 25. 24. cloth not every black mouth' d fwea- rer, and curter, fay in his heart, our tongues are our own, ve ought to leak, who is Lord over us? Pfal. 12. 4. and all prophaneneffeofthe Lords day fay the like of the folemne fanftification of it, viz. it is a wearinefle, and they fnuffe at ir, chal. r . 1 3 . And fo they dealeabout the reft of Gods holy Commandements, in the transgreflìon whereoftheir naturali hearts defire carnal! liberty, verifying the Apoftles faying, Rom. 8.7. The carnal! mind is enmity againft God: it is not fubjeft to the law of God, neither indeed canbe. Tñ° Ufe for For admonition, to take fpeciali notice of the ftraight- admonition. nefle of Gods paths, as well tobeat down our corruption, when we find in our felves any untowardneffe, and unwil- lingnefle to walk therein : and ifwe be wife for our foules, to know our own estate, we (hall find the flefh fighting a- gainft thefpirit, even ftrong corruption, called a law in our members, warringagainst the lawof our minds which is re- newedgrace and leading us captive to the lawof fin,asPaul complaineth, Rom. 7.23. And had wenot need to fight a- gainft it, by the fwordof the fpirit, the wordof God, lay ing it to onr foules,by the handoffaith: and by humble ear- nest prayer, for-the participationof Gods power, to keep us in this ftraight wayes of God, wherein is liberty, Pfd. 119. 45 . For when the world and the Help, by corruption, draw usout of thefe paths, we are taken captives, as 'Paul confefleth, and fo lodeour liberty. See alfo 2. rim. 2.26. As alfo, to give all diligence, toknow the ftraight paths of the Lord, and towalk therein. This is the Lords comman- dement, withcomfortable encouragement fo to doe, Ter. 6.15. Standye in the *ayes, and fee, and ask,for the old ?a thr, where u thegoodgray, and Walk_ therein, and ye hal