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Verf. i z. ilsExpofition of the 27. Pfalme. 99 find refffor your fouler, Luke 13. 24. Strive to enter in at theTraitgate : and welkin the firait Way, that leadeth unto life. Mat. 7. i 3, 14. This was Davids behaviour, as we may fee by his prayer, in this place, and many other before quoted. Confider the benefit of re.fl to the foule, and of pleafantneíl'e, and peace to be found in thofe wayes, Provo 3. 1 7. And withall think ou their fearefull Rate and end, that leave thefe firaight wages ofGod : fee Afs 13. le. theyare enemies of righteoufneffe children of the devil!, and are taken captive by him at his will, till they repent, 2 Tim. 2. 26. and ifthey held on in their crookedpaths, they fh allnever knoW peace, If. 59. 8. The Lord will lead them forthwith the workers of iniquity, Pfal. 125. 5. even to the damnationofhell, Pfal.9,7.Mat.7.23. For the man,that wan- dereth out ofthe way ofunderfanding,f7all remain in the con- gregation ofthe dead, Prov. 21.1C. For comfortgreatly to thofe, that walk in Gods wales, The Ufe for for they are wayes of peace with God, and lead to glory e- comfort. ternall, Pfal, 119. 1. and Pfal. 128. 1. 2 Tim.4. 7,8. Secondly, here obferve the thing intended and expref- The third fed, `Davidbegs of God to lead him in a plain path, Pfal. Ob ervation. 5. 8. Leadme 0 Lord in thy righteoufnef fe, Pfal. 25.5.1ead me in thy truth, Pfal. 139. 24. Lead we ?n the Way everla- fling. This he dothupon the like grounds, that he prayed to The a.reafon. betaught the wayes ofGod. As firfl, upon the confiderati- on ofthe inabilityof nature to walk at all in the firaight paths ofGod : for we are dead in finnes and trefpaffes, Eph. 2. 1. andofno firength, Rom. 5.6. andhow canfuch walk ? And thoughGcds holy calling, to theSlate of grace gavehim fpirituall life, yet hehad experience, and fo con- fcience ofhisownweakneffe in grace, unleffe the Lordwere fiill withhim to upholdand lead him. See Pfal. 3c). 6,7,8. Ifaid inmy profperity Ifhall never ke moved Thou didff hide thy face, andIWas troubled, Pfal. 6. 2. Have mercy up- on me() Lord, for IamWeak, Pfal. 38. 17.21. I am ready tohalt forfaheme not, 0Lord. p 3 Second-