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i# to6 fin xpofitionof the 27. Pfatme. Verf:iz ; 5, 6, 7, 8. e..fs Iwas with Mofe.c,fo will I be with thee, I Will notfaile thee: nor for/ake thee : which promife the Apo- S }le extends to everyChrillian, Heb. 13.5. only let us look to theobedience; _which God requires ofus inour places, as he didof 7'/huah in his, and then we (hall with him pro- fper and havegood fucceílè : for wee flyc to God by the prayer offaith, and the Lord is with us, ifwe bewith him, and then we may boldly fay, The Lord is my helper, I will not.fear, what man cando unto me, Heb. 13. 6. Verfe i 2. Deliver me not over to the 1 'ill of mine enemies: forfalfewitneffe s are rifertspayaiaft me, andfuch as breath out cruelty. The i e:ning Further petition of David unto God for mercy, in 01 the words. regardofhis enemies, enforced by a Strong motive. The mercyhe requires is, that Godwould not deliver him . over to the will ofhis enemies : the motivehe propounds, tomove God to grant that requell, is drawn from the be- haviour of his enemies, whereof fome good up towitneffe fal[hood againft him,and fome breathed out violent wrong or cruelty. For the firft, the word tranflated enemies, betokeneth fuch, as by violent perfecution leek to bring into an inevita- ble Arait, as they doe, that belege a place in : warre, accor- ding to the ufe of the word in Scripture, Deut. 28. 5 2. He. Jhall befiege thee inall thy rates, and verfe 55. 57 . Siege; and f:raitneffe, and diftreffe, caufing men and women to eat their own children, are there joyned together in the tom threatning. Allo the word, tranflated will, properly fig- nifieth the foule, which is often put for will, luft or delire, when thofe faculties or paffions are eager, ftrong, and vio- knt inmen, as here they were inDavid: enemies, after his I So as hismeaning in this petition is this,in thewords im- plying,thathe had fach enemies, aswith all t#ìeir hearts foules s,.