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Verb 21'. Air Expofrtionofthe 27. Ffalme. any longer ? 2 Kings 5. 33. looking altogether to worldly and humanehelp : as the wicked Jewesfometimes did,wh0 askednot at Gods mouth, but would frengthen thenafelves in the ftrength ofBharoah, and truft in the shadow of E- gypt, If. 30.2. vea though they had been told, the Lord would not have them to go down thither, laying, the ífrength of PharoahJhall beyour 'harm, and the Jhador of Egyptyour confufion : yet, againil the Lords expreffe revea- led will, they would needs go thither, ?er. 42. 14. But was unto themfaith the Lord,&c. If. 31. I, 2. Nay, curled be the man, that trnfletb inman, and maketh f efhhisirme,Jer. 17. 5. When theheart istruly turned to the Lord,theywill fay, AJhur 'hallnot Pave ur, \re will not rideupon horfes for in thee thefatherlefrefindetb mercy, Hof. 14. 3. For admonition, it ferves effec4ually to move every one The Life far tobecome followers ofDavid. Let mensoppofition againfi admoaition. us be our provocations to Peek the Lord : fo £hall wee not onlyPhew our felves tobegodly, but alfo reapgood from that, which our enemies intend to be hurtfull unto us,which is a fpeciall favour, (hewing that the Lord is with us, as he was with ofeph, when his brethren fold him into .Egypt : for Godwas with him, and turned it to his great honour, and advancement : as gen. 45.5,7,8, and Gen. 5o.zo,And as he was with his people in the Wilderneffe, when Balack, hyred Balaam to curie them, but God turned it into a blef. fing, Numb. 23. 8,9,íi. and Numb. 24.10. And for fur- ther encouragement hereto, we mull meditate on the rea_ Cons, that moved Davidfo to do : for Gods foveraignty is thefame, over our enemies, and over u,, that it was over David, and his enemies : hemay juftly exercife us under fuch affli6hon as he did David, either forcorrection forfinne,or tryall ofgrace, and ifwe be incovenant with him asDavid was, we have the like intereft in his property, and promifa ofhelp, that Davidhad. And if we put our truft ire his% and call uponhim, hewill be likewifeourdefenderand de- liv-erer..Marltrand.apply:his fpeech to 7ofhudhdfce> ter was-dead, togive him encouragement in his place, 7oJh. r. P 2 s, 6,