Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

IQg Expofitionofthe27. Pftlme. Verf. 22. of our nature, which Divines do call concupifcence, that it may feem in meafure fearfull, he calleth it the old man, and bodyofPanne, Rom. 6.6. yea a bodyof death; Rom. 7.24. having many and ftrong earthlymembers, as fornication, uncleanneffe, and the like, Col. 3. 5. And that it may feem wrong and forcible, heafcribeth great power and might un- to it in all naturali men, Rom. 7. 5. When we were in ;he Belh, the motions of finne,which were by the law,had force in our members, to bring forth fruit unto death : it bath a kind offpirituall foveraignty in them, it raigneth unto death, Rom. 5.2 i . wheremark, their fins dominion is for the foules damnation ; the trouble, and terrour whereof in the godly, is acknowledged by 'Paul, in his owne perfon, Rom. 7. 2 3 . but I fee another iaw in mymembers, warring against the lawofmy mind, and bringingme into captivity unto the law°of finne. This terrour, I fay, that corruption caufeth in the godly, mayeafily manifeft how terrible the tyranny ofit is in naturali men. That bleffed Apoftie cryes out ofhis mifery, by reafon of this corruption, yet dwel- ling in him, Rom. 7. 24. though then it had received in him a deadly wound, by the power ofChrifts death, effeaually applyed untohim by Godsholy fpirit, at the time of his converfion. Oh what ílaviíh bondage then are all naturali men u rider,that have in their foules originali corruption,the devils task- matter, to keep them clofeunder the drudgery of finne, for which they (hall receive the wages of eternali death. Thirdly, this very phrafe, rightly understood, gives plain evidence,where corruption bears dominion: for look where the motions offinne for force and strength tobring forth How to know evill a&ions, are as availeable, as the foule is in the body,for where corrup- the effeâing of naturali anions, there undoubtedly finne Lion bearsdo- raigneth and corruption beareth fway. The fouleweknow minion. gives life to the body, and fets every part a work about thole things it liketh : fo as we may foundly argue, that he is endued with a reafonable foule, who loth c©n Iantfy mannage hishumaneaffayres_ with goodd ifcretion. In like manner The third Ute for in- ftruftion.