Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

Verf. Ts. AnExpofitionofthe27. Pfrlme: 109 manner loth inbred corruption quicken Gnf ll tttotiot:s in the foule, and gainingconfènt ofwill, draweth thepartso the body to become the toolesofthe mind, for the executi on of finfull anions. Look therefore, where we fee a tour held in the pranife ofGnne, there wemaybe f ire, that cor- ruption bears dominion : when the motions of fnne hat! force in their members, to bring forth fruit unto death then men are in the Beth, Rom. 7. 5. This raigningpower e finne is the law ofthe members, warringagainf the law o themind,and bringing man into captivity of the lawoffin Rom. 7.23. This raigningcorruption, fhewes it felfinman, when his mind is fet in evil! works, CoI. 2.2nand heminds the thing of the flelh, Rom. 8. 5. when his heart is fully fet in him t doevil Ecclef 8. i r. whenhis tongue proclaimes his re- folution for finne, as per. 44. i7.we Will certainly doe what foever thinzaoeth out of our own mouth, Pfal. r 2.4. with ou tongue we trill prevaile : our lips are ouroWn, who is Lordo- ver us? If. 56. 12. Comeyee, fy they, IWillfetchwine,an we will fill ourfelves withflro'g drink : andwhen he cannot endure to bechecked, orcroí cd in his evil! courfe. This cuts them to the heart, AFls 7.s4. firres them up to rage and fury, as e4t7s 7. 5 7158. Gen. 19.9. r Sam. 20.30. where- by theyplainly thew themfelves to bebrutifh, Prov, /2, I and fenfuall having not the fpiric, quote 19. For admonition, it ferves two waves. Firli, to obferve in our felves the force and £ rength of corruption in finfull motions anddeliires, after things forbidden of God : for if toenjoy them beour foule, fo we would have it; as Pfal. 3 5. 25. then certainly we are wholy carnall, fold under fin, and ifwe fo die, we perifh eternaily : for where finne raig- neth, it is unto death, Rom. 5.2 r. And that we deceive not our felves, in a matter of fo great importance, befides the evidence ofthis eftate, given in theJail inf?runion, which is very plain, ifwe examine our felves thereby, mark forne o- ther refemblances that give further illuflration. St. names, lases, 1. i 5. fpeaks of a Ürange conception in the foule, brought f fe 1 f f , 5 0 r d . The firf} üfe for admoni- t ion. The dominion of finne illu- f}rated by re- femblanee.