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Verf. i2 . As Expofition of the 27. Pfalme. thee, norforfake thee, Heb. 13.5. Pf. 91.15 /will be With him in trouble, Pfal. 66. I o, I 1, I z, Thou, 0God, haft pro- vedus,thouhaft tryedus,asfilver is tryed. Thou broughteft ru i;sto the net, thou laydeft affiEtion upon our loynes. Thou caufedf men to ride over our heads : re went through fire and throughWater : but thou broughteft us out into a Weal- thy place. Mark the comfortable end of the troubles of the godly : as lob 23. 1 a. He knoweth the -way, that I take, ; ihen hebath tryedmc, I /hall copse forth as thegold. And fo the ilory fhewes, Job 42. 12. So God bleffed the latter end of lob more then the beginning. rd Thirdly, fee here, that prayer is a fanaifiedmeans to ob..' ufe fThoe i thi tain of God fafcty, and prefervation, from the hands of f niaion. thofe, that defare our hurt. Thus the Jewesefcaped from the bloody defigne of Haman, Eph. 4. 16, 17. and 7. 3,4. &c. Thus 7ehofàphat efcaped in battaile,when the Captains of the Chariotsbefet him about, 2 Chron. 18. 31. And thus were he and his people preferved from three Kings, that came againft him, 2 Chron. 20. 3, 4. &c. And thus was He .zekgah preferved from thegreat Armyof Senacherib,Ifaiah 37. 21, 3?, 34. And no marvaile ; for as God requires the duty, fo he hathmade the promife, whichhe will perform, PM. 5C. 15. Pfalm9 r . 15 I. For admonition, it ferves effeetually to flirre up every Theufe por childof God, to become a follower of David, in the per- ïnflruftion. formance of this duty, tobe much and earneft with God in prayer, for theprefervation of himfelf and the Church of God,out of the hands of their enemies. A molt needful/ duty in thefe evil/ times, wherein the enemies of Gods Church do band themfelves, likeEdom, c2%toab, Geball, eAlmmon, .Amalek., and the rc$, Pfalm 8 3. 3, 4. &c. to root out Religion, to cut offGods people, that the name of Ifraelbeno more in remembrance. Confider the good fiuceffeof this duty, in thiscafe,. by the former examples :: How prayer for it is not, asnaturali men do think a vain thing to fen:e IS prevalent theI.ord & t n rofitabletopray t him.lial.^ 1 lob 21, wirh God a- p P y 3. 4 gainf en 15.experience"lhewes,that this duty is prevalent withCod, mies. Q 3 againA I 1